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Hijri or Islamic calendar

The Hijri or Islamic calendar, also known as the lunar calendar, is used by many Islamic countries to determine important religious events and observances.

It is based on lunar cycles and consists of 12 months, with 354 or 355 days in a year. The first month of the Islamic calendar is Muharram, which marks the Islamic New Year.

The Hijri calendar has an important impact on Islamic culture and traditions, with many significant events and celebrations such as Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr occurring on specific dates. Its use continues to be relevant in modern times, with many Muslim communities relying on it for daily and yearly activities.

Hijri Date

The Hijri or Islamic date is the calendar used to determine the dates of Muslim holidays and events. It is also known as the lunar calendar, as it is based on the phases of the moon. The Islamic year consists of 12 months, with each month beginning on the first visible crescent of the moon.

The Islamic calendar is not just used in Saudi Arabia, but most other countries with a Muslim population use it alongside the Gregorian calendar for civil purposes.

For religious purposes, the Hijri calendar is used. This can cause confusion when trying to convert between the two calendars, as there is no fixed relationship between them.

You can use the converter above to convert between Hijri and Gregorian dates. Simply enter the date you wish to convert and select whether you want to convert from Hijri to Gregorian or vice versa.

Hijri-Gregorian Converter

The Hijri-Gregorian Converter! This powerful tool makes it easy to convert any date from Hijri or Islamic date to gregorian, and Gregorian date to Hijri, whether for personal or professional use. Keep reading to learn more about this.

The accuracy of the date converter

  • This date converter shown above is based on the " Umm al-Qura calendar " so you will get an accurate conversion between the Hijri and Gregorian dates in the range (from 1883 to 2076 AD) or (from 1300 to 1499 Hijri).
  • Otherwise, you may get an error rate of one day. This error rate range can be specified from 1 Hijri to 1299 Hijri.